Fire Protection System Design

 Locus has been in the fire protection business for decades. We  understand that every industry and every facility has different  requirements, different hazards to contend with, and a different layout.  That’s why we design fire protection systems specifically for your  facility. Designed to meet your unique requirements, and to detect and  suppress fires efficiently, our fire protection systems make use of  top-of-the-line equipment, and are developed by our certified  technicians. 

Life Safety System Design

 Communication is essential to both the everyday and emergency functions  of hospitals, universities, and other large organizations. Locus designs life safety systems that bridge the communication gaps between  rooms, hallways, and even entire buildings. We can design a nurse call  or mass notification system that makes cross-campus communication  simple, regardless of the size of your facility. 

Security System Design

 Every facility has different security needs. Depending on the products  you manufacture and the personnel who work in your building, your  facility likely requires exceptional building security, surveillance,  and inter-building communication. Security systems work to keep  everyone, and everything safe at all times, which is why Locus custom  designs security systems for our clients. Our technicians are trained  to design a variety of security systems to meet any code requirement or  desired level of safety.